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Do you want to catch a big fish in spring, you need to score three steps


Small water surface, big fish.

It’s really a problem to catch big fish in spring. In spring, the water temperature is low and the activity of big fish is low. Our common large individual fish species such as carp, grass carp are almost hard to find. They are not as low-temperature resistant as crucian carp. Crucian carp can be very active, but the large fish in the reservoir are all It will take a long time to speak, even a small carp that is the same individual as the crucian carp will not speak. Therefore, we can temporarily shift our gaze from the pure wild library to the small water surface. The advantage of the small water surface is that the fish’s range of movement is also small.


Fish are not like birds, they can fly freely in the sky, where they want to go. The area of the water itself limits the fish’s range of activities. They can’t break through the constraints of water anyway, and can only move in a certain area. In this way, the opportunity for fishing friends is here. Fishing in such a place, is the probability of encountering big fish very high? A predecessor once used a vivid analogy, which is easier to catch a chicken in a cage or catch a chicken on the playground? It must be easier in the cage. Then, the smaller the water surface, the smaller the cage.


This “shallow” is not the other “shallow”

Finding a small surface with big fish is just the first step on the way to successfully catch the big fish. Finding a suitable fishing spot is the second step.

When it comes to finding a fishing spot in spring, some people will immediately think of the fishing proverb of “spring fishing on the beach”. This fishing proverb is correct, but the premise is to target the specific season and target fish. These two factors are very important. For example, when the river is just opened or when the crucian carp has only sporadic openings, there are no fish on the beach, especially the larger fish. They wake up more than half a month later than the crucian carp, and only when they are close to the breeding period. The shallows are infested, so the shallows are not the first choice for big fish in early spring.


As the water temperature rises, big fish will gradually migrate to shallow waters. This is determined by their physiological laws, but no one can clearly indicate where the carp will be when the water temperature reaches a certain day, a certain month, or how many degrees Celsius. Location, where does the grass carp appear. After all, the water depth and underwater topography of each reservoir are different.

Also, in March, most of the northeastern region was still on ice-covered rivers, and the southern fishermen had long been pulling slippers in full swing in the spring. The US is too big, and the difference between North and South is too great. It can only be said that early spring (take the sporadic openings of the crucian carp as a reference) can not choose a shallow fishing position for big fish.)

Some waters have deep deep waters. I encountered this kind of water condition during fishing in the early spring. At that time, almost all the fishermen concentrated in the deepest place. They used 10-meter long rods to catch the eight- to nine-meter deep-water guarding big fish. During the exchange process, they said that the most fish came out here in the late autumn of last year, so they concentrated on the first spring. Here is ready to continue to write brilliantly. Although I am not familiar with this reservoir, I do not agree with the views of other fishermen. Late autumn fish will avoid the depths, this is true, but now it is early spring, the season is different, the fish migration direction should be the opposite.

Therefore, I judged that this is not the best location. Later, my judgment was verified, and even the shallowest part of the reservoir that was not optimistic about the reservoir owner became the only point where fish can be found in the entire reservoir, where the water depth is about 2.5 meters. If you follow the rule of crucian fishing, is the water depth too deep? But imagine, in a water depth of less than 1 meter, what the state of a big fish of more than 5 kgs will be, even the minimum sense of security cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, the “shallow” of fishing for big fish and the “shallow” of fishing for small fish are not the same concept. This is why I can’t choose a shallow position.


Here, I give fishing friends a more general reference value: the water depth is 2 to 3 meters.

In most fishing grounds, this depth is applicable, but there are always exceptions. For example, what should be done in a small flat-bottomed reservoir with an average depth of fewer than 2 meters? Then look for the deepest place or the transition zone between the deep and shallow.


Note: The value of 2 to 3 meters is only a reference. You can try it when you have no choice but to sit down. It does not mean that the big fish in spring must be in such a location. Fishing is restricted by too many factors, such as whether it is in a cold or warm current, whether the temperature continues to rise or fall, whether the wind is strong or small, whether the wind direction is downwind or headwind, whether the weather is cloudy or sunny… these impermanent changes Every moment affects the mouth of the fish, so fishing is regular, but there is no formula.

The main points of spring fishing big fish

Speaking of lure fish, people can’t help but think of playing nests. Regarding nesting, now too many people have come into a misunderstanding, thinking that you can catch a lot by hitting more, so the first task when you get to the water’s edge is hitting. The feeling of the fish. Leave other seasons aside, let’s talk about spring first. In spring, the activity of fish has just begun to slowly rise from the lowest level. How much food are they eating at this time? It’s very, very small, it can be said that you can eat a few bites, and playing more nests is undoubtedly equivalent to digging a hole for yourself-the fish have no chance to find the bait.

We also don’t use old corn, wheat kernels, and other things to make nests. They are not easy to digest. The flour or small particles are enough, and the usual base material is enough.


Here, I will introduce a simple trick-use the bottom material to make loose bait, use the loose bait to rub the bait, the rubbing state is soft and sticky, and the bait is changed according to the dissolution cycle of the rubbing. In spring, you don’t have to worry about small fish, and you don’t have to worry about silver carp and bighead carp. The loose bait is the easiest to effectively make a nest in a short time.

Let’s talk about bait. Many people know that the higher animal protein content in the bait for spring fishing is better. That’s right, but fishing for big fish is different from fishing for crucian. For crucian fishing, you can directly use meat baits such as earthworms, bloodworms, and maggot buds. But It is found that the effect of directly using meat bait to catch big fish is inferior to using surface bait. Only on rare occasions use meat bait to catch big fish.


Regarding fishing, this is also a link worth mentioning. In spring, too many fishing friends think that the mouth of the fish is light, and they are all trying to adjust to the most agile. I especially did a comparative experiment of adjusting the spirit fishing spirit and lowering the fishing spirit and catching the big fish, and the result was that the spirit fishing spirit was adjusted down and fishing high by 0:5. I have done many similar experiments in other seasons, and the results proved that extremely sensitive fishing rigs are not suitable for big fish. Speaking of this, there must be some people who are worried about not being able to express their slight movements.

In fact, this worry is unnecessary. You must know that the target fish you are facing is not a small one. Even a small carp of two or three-pound will not care about the weight of the fishing set that is less than one-tenth of a gram. . In the face of big fish, we don’t need to pursue the sensitivity of the fishing rig to the point where a signal can be captured with a little disturbance. Even if we deliberately capture such a signal, there will be empty rods and decoupling. When such a slight movement occurs, it is impossible for the hook to enter, and the rod must be ineffective, and it is easy to anchor to the fish body and cause shock.

It’s also worth saying about using poles. Many fishermen have already positioned the spring fish in their minds. They subjectively think that the spring fish are in shallow water, just aside, so most of them don’t use long poles. However, it is crucian carp. The big fish are all cautious. They will not be too close to the shore except during the breeding season, so they cannot reach them at all if the pole is short. Besides, the fish control ability of a short pole is not as good as a long pole.


Big fish is “very fishing”

The above are some basic rules for fishing big fish in spring. I just said that fishing has rules to follow, but there is no formula. Even if it is a law, it is not set in stone. I have a friend who wanted to see if the reservoir was enlightened. He drove over and saw that, except for a little bit of ice on the overcast slope, the water surface was completely clean. He strolled along the muddy water’s edge for a while, and found a small bay, no matter how he looked, he felt that there should be a big fish, so he raised a handful of tender corn and left.


The next day, he wore a pair of waterproof trousers, lightly launched from the opposite bank, and gently swung a small 3.6-meter short pole to the opposite side. The water was no more than waist-deep. He waited motionless for an hour. The buoy rose steadily. After lifting the rod, he caught the fish without any suspense, and then he threw the rod. The 20-meter-long missed rope was almost released before it was the first time to resolve the big fish. Charge, and then back and forth several rounds, a large grass carp weighing more than 10 kgs was taken.


Look, the appearance of such a big fish in such shallow water is totally inconsistent with the “rule” I mentioned above. This is experience, and the effect of experience is definitely better than following the rules. It’s just that there are too many experiences that are not easy to summarize.

I don’t know if any careful friends have discovered this phenomenon-some fish in the reservoirs in the same area open early and some open late. Even if they are not far apart, the time to open the fish will be quite different. After discovering this difference, we can go directly to the reservoir that opened early, which will have a multiplier effect.