1. Question: Summer fishing in wild rivers, the water depth is 2-3 meters, the fish mouth is relatively thin, the main fishing carp, grass carp, how to use bait?

Answer: There are fewer fish in the river. If you want a good harvest, it is more important to make a nest. Fishing for carp and grass carp should be based on food nests, such as tender corn. You can buy a dozen sweet corn in the supermarket. Stir the tender corn evenly, and then hold it into a ball, so that the fish attracting effect is good, and there will be more grass carp.


2.Question: Wild fishing in the northern reservoir is about a dozen meters deep and there are many carps. How do you make a nest when you fish for carp in this situation?

Answer: First of all, the water depth of the reservoir is more than ten meters is not suitable for fishing. It is recommended to find out the terrain first. Generally, you can fish in the reservoir. It is more suitable to choose a water depth of about three meters; secondly, you need to find out whether the reservoir is fed with feed. , Choose the nest material according to the feeding situation. If possible, you can make the nest continuously for three days. The bait should be lighter and the grain flavor is better.


3.Question: The water is 3-4 meters deep, and the water quality is greenish. You can see fish in the nest, but you don’t bite too much. Moreover, the small trash fish has a serious problem in the nest. How can I solve it?

Answer: When fishing, it is recommended to stick the bait a little bit and add some drawing powder to make the bait a little softer and sticky. When lifting the rod, you must catch the black float or make a strong mouth, so that the fish rate will be higher.


4.Question: How to choose float for small crucian carp fishing in deep water?

Answer: For crucian carp fishing in deep water and the fish speed is faster, it is recommended to choose a short-tailed long body float (7-11 mesh) with about 1.5 grams of lead, adjust three to four eyes, and fish about three eyes. The proportion of bait does not affect the palatability. In the case of sex, it is appropriate to be sticky; fast fish and slow fish, this kind of fish situation should catch the hit rate steadily, and the effect is better.