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Fishing friends who like night fishing in summer must master these 3 skills and be sure of getting better

Even in the hot summer, there is nothing to stop the enthusiasm of fishermen to go out fishing. Just because it is too hot during the summer in the daytime, it not only makes people uncomfortable, but the catch is often very unsatisfactory, which can be said to be thankless. Therefore, night fishing in summer has often become the choice of many fishing friends.


1. Choose fishing point skills:

At night, fish usually move in the middle and upper layers, and the fishing depth is 2.0~2.5 meters. It is better to stay close than far away because fish have the habit of swimming along the shore at night. Optional daytime fish feeding and nesting, the junction of deep and shallow water, the junction of running water and still water, the thin waist of large waters, and the waters with weeds.


2. Tips for choosing bait for night fishing:

The amount of bait (nest material) should be large, and the flavor should be strong. Each nest should be thrown 2 to 3 kilograms at a time. The purpose is to make the wine and sour smell very strong. The bait should be soft, and the hooking time should be longer, so the condition should be stickier than during the day to reduce the number of rod lifting. Because there are generally no small fish hooks, the use of bait is less scrupulous.


3. Choose the fishing tackle and fishing method for night fishing

Generally, at night, the fish’s desire to eat is higher, and the struggle after hooking is also great, so when fishing friends choose fishing tackle, they must be stronger than those used during the day.


The general target fish for night fishing are large fishes such as carp and grass carp. When fishing this kind of fish, it is best to use the rocky rod double hook and floating package fishing method. Of course, if you are accustomed to fishing with multiple rods, then bomb hook fishing sets are the first choice. It’s just that the sound of the bait group entering the water is too loud when throwing at night fishing, so you need to minimize the number of throws.


When fishing at night, the movement of the float is not so obvious. Therefore, when fishing at night, there will be no movement in the float, but there will be fish when the rod is lifted. This phenomenon first depends on whether the buoyancy of the float is large enough. They are our underwater “eyes”. When fishing in deep water, if the float’s buoyancy is insufficient, it will cause the mainline to bend, so that the fish’s bait-eating action will not be displayed on the float, and the mainline can only be observed in the mainline is straightened. Signal to drift.