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How to catch big fish on large water surfaces such as lakes and reservoirs

The concept of a big fish is different for different anglers. Some people think that a fish weighing a few kgs is a big fish, while some people think that a fish weighing a few kgs is considered a big fish. At least five kilograms or more, or even dozens of kilograms, fish weighing a few kilograms in large waters such as lakes and reservoirs are not considered big fish.

Just as the truth is “You can’t train a Maxima in the courtyard, and you can’t hold a pine in a flowerpot”, you can’t grow big fish in small ponds and small puddles. Generally speaking, large fishes of tens of kilograms can only grow and survive in large waters such as rivers, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. These large waters are originally sparsely watered, and it is even more difficult to catch large fish. According to the author’s years of fishing experience and the experience of catching big fish many times, to catch big fish on the large water surface, the following points must be done:


1. The equipment of fishing tackle and fishing set

There is no advantage to using a hand rod to catch a big fish on a large water surface. First, it can only catch close but not far, and the range of fishing points is small; second, even if the big fish eats the hook, it is easy to form a tug of war at the moment of lifting the rod, or In the first two rounds of the fish-slide process, the line was broken and the rod was broken, and even the shadow of the big fish was hard to see, and only short-term excitement and long-term regret were caught.


Therefore, to catch big fish, it is best to use throwing rods (sea rods and rocky rods), which can be used for fishing far or near. You can find fish within a range of tens of meters, and the fishing set is very flexible. , Single hook, double hook, group hook, string hook, bomb hook, etc. can be used. The float fishing method or non-float fishing method can be used. Float fishing and bottom fishing can be selected at will. After the fish is hooked, the advantage of fishing is more obvious. As long as the use is skilled, it can be retracted freely, and rarely runs fish.

In throwing poles, sea poles and rock poles have their own advantages: sea poles are harder and suitable for long-range shooting with string hooks and bomb hooks; rock poles have the greatest advantage, which can be combined with single hooks or double hooks for floating and close fishing. It can be relatively far fishing within the visual drift range. When using string hooks or group hooks for long-distance fishing, the rods are slightly thinner, more flexible, and more sensitive.

It can be said that it is the most effective tool for fishing big fish in the big water. I generally use 3m or 4.5m rocky fishing rods, 3m rocky rods for cast fishing, 4.5m rocky rods with thick-tailed vertical floats for hand fishing, and single hooks in the bottom waters. Double hooks are used for the waters at the bottom, and the fishing method is mostly used for food.

The length of the brain line is generally 30-45 cm. The hook is selected according to the fish situation. The reason why the brain line is longer when fishing big fish is that the big things in the water are mostly old and cunning, with high alertness, and the short brain line will not easily swallow and submit. If you are fishing in a rocky bottom reservoir in a mountainous area, in order to prevent the lead sinker from getting stuck in the cracks of the stone, you can remove the original lead sinker and lead seat, and tie a thin rubber band with better elasticity to the original sinker position.

When you arrive at the fishing position, pick a suitable size stone and wrap it in a thin rubber band to make a sinker. When it is stuck in the seam of the stone, pulling the rubber band will stretch the stone away from the mainline, so that the line will not break and lose the hook.

big fish


Second, the choice of fishing position and fishing point

For fishing on large water surfaces such as lakes and reservoirs, in addition to general location selection according to factors such as seasons, weather, and wind direction, the most important thing is to choose fishing spots based on the depth of the water and the shore and underwater topography. Generally, you should choose a place with a water depth of no more than 5 meters. It is easy to choose a water depth of about 2 meters in late spring and early summer, and a water depth of 3-4 meters in summer and autumn. If you are fishing close to the shore in deep water on a steep bank, the depth of the waterline should not exceed 5 meters.

Larger waters such as lakes and reservoirs often have a depth of more than ten meters or even tens of meters or hundreds of meters. In the deepwater bottom, not only is oxygen thin, but the water temperature is low, and there is no aquatic plankton, just like the “Guanghan Palace” fish in the water. Will not be patronized easily. Where the water depth does not exceed 5 meters, there are wooden stakes, piles of rocks, ditches, old rivers, flooded farmland, etc. are rare good fishing spots.

If the location is selected based on the topography of the shore, carp fishing is the main choice for the tip of the shore, the front of the peninsula, or the bottom slopes on both sides of the water. The bends and forks where the rod plants grow are used as fishing points. The water inlet at the end of the reservoir or the vicinity of the domestic wastewater discharge inlet on the side of the reservoir, there are abundant food and oxygen discharged into the reservoir with the water flow. As long as the water depth is suitable, there will be big fish in the reservoir. The nearby swimming pool is the best fishing spot in large waters such as lakes and reservoirs.


Third, adopt a reasonable fishing method

There are many ways to catch big fish, but the following three are often used: one is the sea rod bomb hook and waste fishing method, which allows one person to operate multiple rods and line up the rods along the bank. The bait hook can be thrown in a fan shape or concentrated to a fixed area to form a nesting area.

The advantage of this fishing method is that there are more targets and more opportunities to catch fish. The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time and money to operate multiple rods by one person. The second is the fishing method of throwing rods and string hooks. Although this fishing method is relatively simple to operate and has a large fishing range, it is difficult to nest, and there is no bait on the string hook. The catch is generally small, so it is generally only used for grass carp when catching big fish. The third is the rocky rod and float fishing method. This fishing method can be added with ordinary vertical floats and double hook fishing sets for bottom fishing carp and grass carp, or increased vertical floats with bomb hook fishing sets for bottom floating fishing for grass carp or herring.

You can also add Gyro float with bomb hook fishing group for floating fishing silver carp and bighead carp. It can be relatively far and nearshore and its sensitivity are no less than that of hand-rod fishing. At the same time, it has the advantage of big fish. It can be described as a universal fishing method for big water fishing. On August 27, 2006, I used rock rods and drift fishing to catch 11 silver carp and bighead carp over ten kilograms in one day in the artificial ecological lake of the Yellow River Beach, the largest one was 10.9 kilograms, plus a day’s total fishing capacity of fewer than ten kilograms.

The catch was about 300 kilograms. At least 20 people fished in the same waters on that day. The sum of the catches of all the others was less than half of my catch. On September 16th of the same year, in the same waters, I used rock poles and floats. Double hook fishing method, I caught 7 carps in one afternoon, the largest one was 5.3 kg. The sum of the catches of the 6 fishermen who fished in the same waters that day was not as good as my catch. I will detail the details of several rock-rod and drift-fishing methods in the future, but I will skip it here due to space limitations. Please understand the fishing friends.


Fourth, the use of nest bait and fishing bait

The quality of the bait is the key to the amount of fishing, but the same bait used by different people has different effects. The main reason is that the methods of use and details are different. So although the quality of the bait is very important, the rational use of the bait is more important. Many fishermen always hope to get a “sacred bait”, in fact, as long as you use a certain type of bait proficiently to the extent of superb, it is equivalent to the so-called “sacred bait”.

In July last year, a friend who had just learned to fish recently asked me to help him go fishing in a polyculture pond of a related household. After arriving at the pond, I asked him what fish he wanted? He said he wanted crucian carp, so I made a nest with rice wine and 50% sugar, and then took out a bag of field basket crucian carp, and poured out about half a bag.

Then I added about 1 tael of sugar and a little bit of drawing powder. After mixing  well, add water and mix well. , Began to rub the bait to fish the bottom, because the nest bait and the bait were added enough sugar, and the crucian carp was sweet, so almost all the bait caught were crucian carp.

After fishing for a while, we found that the silver carp (bighead carp) in the pond was relatively large, so we wanted to fish a few. Throwing away the material in the pot, we poured some field basket carp into the pot and added a little bit of ash. Water and white powder were used to pull bait and float, and it was all silver carp that quickly took the bait.

This friend of mine felt very “satisfied” and asked me to catch a few carps. He had to throw away the material in the pot again and poured the little field basket crucian carp that was left in the bag into the pot. I added a bit of drawing powder and fish meal. After mixing it, I still rubbed the bait for the bottom, but the rubbing was very large. Because of the drawing powder, the bait was sticky and big, and the crucian couldn’t swallow it at all. Carp. The same bag of field basket crucian carp is used as the basic bait, but you can catch different target fish separately. My friend feels very “god”, I don’t say “god”, as long as you understand the food habits and habits of fish, this is very simple, anyone can Do it.

Although it is not that simple to catch big fish on large water surfaces such as reservoirs, the principle of using bait is the same, except that the large water surface is so sparse that the fish needs to be used to attract and gather fish. A few kilograms is normal, but you must master the skills of using bait to achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. For example, many fishing friends know that using old corn to nest can catch big fish, carp, grass carp, and even herring can be caught, but the same use of old corn to nest, but the usage is different, some people use dried corn to nest, others After soaking it in water, some people cook it before using it.


My usage is:

First, crack the old corn (not broken), then dilute the additive with water and mix it into the corn for a night, and it can be beaten the next day. When used in the nest, the cracked corn additive can easily penetrate into it. If the main fishing grass carp, use grass carp to add raw materials; if the main fishing carp, use carp additives. If you want to catch both grass carp and fish, use traditional Chinese medicine wine suitable for two kinds of fish as additives. The bait is hooked with cooked old corn kernels (or cooked tender corn kernels), and used for food outside. If you use bomb hooks to fish, you need to put the packaged food on the bait spring and hang the corn kernels on each hook to throw it into the fishing spot. When fishing grass carp, the corn kernels must be exposed to the tip of the hook and the corn kernels can slide on the hook.


Five, grasp the rod and fish control

Fishing for big fish is not like fishing for small fish. You can shake your wrist and raise the rod when you move slightly. It is easy to raise the rod when you catch a big fish. If you use a bomb hook or a string hook for fishing, do not pay attention to the tip of the rod with a slight jog or two. You must wait until the rod body makes a big movement or when the line returns. When lifting the rod, it is not necessary to swing the rod body back with great force.

At this time, the fish generally have eaten the dead hook. Swinging the rod body with a large force will only cause the line to break, break the rod, or pull the mouth of the fish, as long as it is slightly backward. Swing the rod to take up the line and fish. Do not stand upright when you are fishing.

You should choose to swing the rod to both sides according to the fish’s swimming direction to maximize the angle between the mainline and the fish’s swimming direction. Always adjust the direction of the rod body so that the mainline and the fish The angle of the body is as close to 90 degrees as possible, so that no matter how big the fish is, they can’t exert their power. In the first of two rounds, slip the fish too close to the shore. The violent jump often results in unprepared regrets. You have to slip a few more rounds, and when the fish is exhausted, you can pull the fish to the shore and catch the fish into the net.

When copying fish, do not forget to loosen the unloading force of the reel, so as not to reflect the unloading force of the fish in the final struggle and regret it. The big fish caught under 15 kgs can be put into the fish house, and the big fish of several dozen kgs will be given a dragon cover. The method is: use a nylon rope of about 5 meters in length prepared in advance and remove one end of the rope from The fish’s mouth is inserted, through one gill, and then from the back of the fish’s head to the other side, through the gill, and then out of the mouth. Tie the two ropes into a tight knot in front of the mouth. 

Don’t hit the live button, otherwise, the fish will be strangled to death, and the excess rope will be tied to the fixed object on the shore so that the fish can swim freely in the water and cannot die or run away.  


To sum up, the personal experience of fishing big fish is just a little bit. To put it all together, I hope it will be helpful to friends to catch big fish. See you next time !!