double-tailed fish

If you want to increase the chance of a double-tailed fish, start with these points

Whenever I see other people fishing on the connecting rod, the mood is really indescribable. Some fishing friends on the connecting rod even get on the two-tailed fish, which makes people envious!


People can fish like this, which shows that there are skills in it, but they will not spread it. The reason I say this today is because a fishing friend sent me a private letter, saying that I often see people fishing with double tails and I want to learn, but no one taught me. I hope I can give you some pointers. Since the fishing friend found I am, naturally, I have to be satisfied, is not it! In fact, it is not difficult to achieve such an effect. As long as the fisherman starts from the following points, of course, this can increase the chance of the middle and double tails.

Isn’t it very much looking forward to it? Let’s look down!


Double tailed fish

For medium double-tailed fish, first, the fisherman guarantees that the number of fish in the nest is large, that is, the density is high. Only in this way can it be improved. Therefore, fishermen should start to lure the fish, make the nest as early as possible, and give the nest material enough time to make the nest, so that there will be no more fish in the nest! As long as there are more fish in the nest, medium double-tailed fish is not a problem!


double-tailed fish



If you want to catch a fish hook, you can’t have less, so when choosing a fish hook, it can’t be too big or too small. Generally, it is recommended to be one size larger than the usual hook. In addition, when using bait, the entrance Sex must be good, make the bait softer as much as possible, so that inhalation is more labor-saving, and it is easier to catch double-tailed fish!


We don’t know when the fish in the water will eat the hook. We can only judge by floating. Therefore, if you want to increase the chance of a middling fish, you must first not be too agile or blunt. This will affect the drifting phase. It is recommended to fish for half. The spirit is half blunt. Moreover, it is up to the fisherman himself, and we must grasp the timing of lifting the rod. This can only be controlled and observed by ourselves when fishing!   


6 tips for carp fishing

In carp fishing, things have evolved a lot, and if we bought all the finders from the producers, our small kit would turn into a suitcase. The whole trick is to filter the products we really need from the ones we put in our luggage just to be, on the grounds that we don’t know when we will need them. 

6 tips for simple, practical, and applied fishing.

Extendable stoppers

If we have the hair too long for small boilies and we do not want to change the scissors, there is the option of winding the thread on the hook rod until the bait reaches an acceptable position. But what if the hair is too short? We use Extenda type stoppers which, due to their shape, penetrate the boilies and move it away from the hook. Because they are produced in different sizes, we even have the possibility, with the help of a long stopper, to quickly replace a bottom ball with a snowman.


 Soluble tape

A very effective way of isolated bait, through which three halves of boilies – for example – can reach the bait without sitting on the substrate glued to each other. A long crochet hook is preferable to a classic one because we can pull the boilies on the soluble tape in one go. 


Soluble fluff

A soluble fluff placed on the hair, between the boilies and the hook, matters a lot. First of all, we prevent the scissor from getting tangled in the throw, and then we make sure that our mount sits neatly on the substrate. If we fish with PVA bags in areas with mud or submerged vegetation we can put 3-4 soluble puffs inside. The bag will float for a few seconds until the PVA melts, and then it will slowly descend to the bottom of the water. Super bridge! 


Thin PVA

Small and very small diameter PVA tubes are especially useful in long-distance fishing, when, of course, we want to have a little bait next to the hook. Due to the aerodynamic shape of the small bag, the length of the throw will be almost the same. A small diameter PVA, in which three boilies enter festively, also helps us to place two balls right next to the bait by ingeniously attaching it to the hair. 


Rubber stopper

  A small but very important article, especially when fishing for snowmen. For a correct presentation, in which the bottom ball is glued to the pop-up, it is mandatory to block the boilies on the hair. This is done by simply attaching a rubber stopper to the hair, right at the beginning of the scissors. 


Floating stopper

These artificial corn mini-grains are excellent for almost all types of bait used in carp fishing. Whether we fish with solubles, boilies, corn, or artificial baits, the floating stopper gives an attractive presentation and balances the mount. You have to be careful to make the loop on the hair a little bigger before you can insert the stopper.