carp fishing

It’s the peak season for big grass carp fishing!

The experience of this floating fishing grass carp comes at the right time!

Among the common freshwater fish, grass carp like high water temperature. Right now is the period when grass carp activity and growth are vigorous, and it is also the time when grass carp bites more frequently. Therefore, many fishermen regard grass carp as the target fish species. Individuals usually use floating fishing when fishing grass carp. Let’s talk about some of my experiences when fishing grass carp, including fishing point selection, nesting, equipment line set, fishing method, and some precautions to explain in detail. For your reference.


Fishing point selection

(1)  Informed reservoir (that is, the angler has a relative understanding of the reservoir environment)Choose an area where fish was often found in previous years, or choose a steep slope at the junction of large water surface and small branch. Take the 6.3 fishing rod as an example, choose a fishing spot with a water depth of 4-5 meters as a good fishing spot, too shallow to hide big fish.


(2)  Unknowing reservoir In general, we go fishing in an unfamiliar reservoir, and we will choose a dam to do the nest in advance. If you don’t know the reservoir environment, you must ensure the water depth and temperature. The dam is a good fishing spot. The cement slab above the dam has been exposed to the sun for a long time, and the temperature rises relatively quickly; in rainy weather, the temperature drops relatively slowly. Similarly, the water depth of the dam is also a good place to hide big fish.

best time to fish
Second, make a nest;

Usually, use distilled grains as the main material for nest fishing. Large particles retain fish, and the smell of alcohol attracts fish while avoiding trash fish, which is economical and cheap.


I pay attention to the method of making nests: to close and fish far away, to close is to spread the nests closer, in a big fan-shaped way. And this is also the difference between floating grass carp and bottom fishing.


Of course, if the nest is too small, the effect will not be very good. For example, when you are unlucky, not a single grass carp will come; if you are lucky, a few grass carps will surround the nest. I think that floating grass carp is more effective and exciting than bottom grass carp because you can see the underwater fish stars and floating-head grass carp with your naked eyes when you make the nest bigger.


So how do you do the specific operations for hitting near and far, and how close is better? If you take a 6.3 fishing rod as an example, the water depth is 4 meters, and the fishing point is almost 7 meters away from the shore when the rod is not fully hit, then the nesting should be controlled at about 4 meters, and it should not exceed the point of 6 meters. The points are meaningless, and the fish can’t be reached if they are hit far away.


The nest can be thrown by hand. If possible, it can be transported directly to the fishing spot by boat. Open the lees bag and pour it down. The lees will explode when it enters the water. Regarding the amount of nesting, it mainly depends on the density of grass carp in the reservoir and how long it takes to fish.


If the density of grass carp in the reservoir is high, it will enter the nest quickly. A small amount of cloth nest can be used and the nest can be continuously filled. The nest can be laid one day in advance; Nest, generally 5-7 days is better. For long-term fishing, a large number of cloth nests are also used. In a short time, one day of fishing, a small number of cloth nests can be used before dark one day in advance, and a nest is about 30 kilograms. You can fish after dawn.

Third, the method of floating grass carp


The methods of floating grass carp are mainly divided into fishing for water skin, half-water fishing, off-bottom fishing, and lead fishing. Set up a good nest. When you first start fishing, it is better to fish for water skin (4 meters deep water, I call it water skin within 1.5 meters).


Some people may ask, why do you fish shallow when you come up, instead of directly fishing at the bottom, fishing off the bottom, and fishing in deep water? In fact, the most important thing for floating grass carp fishing is to find the fish layer, because we laid a lot of nests in advance, and there is no possibility that there are no grass carps in the nests. Fishing from the top-down, first kill the fish above, keep the fish below the nest, and catch the fish in the upper layer. , It may not surprise the fish below, but if you catch the fish below, you will definitely surprise the fish above. There is no doubt that the habit of grass carp determines that it cannot stay at the bottom for a long time. It must be eaten underneath. It will be the upper-middle level, which is the main reason why the fishing float can catch the grass carp.


In the process of fishing, pay attention to the movement of floating. Under normal circumstances, it is better not to make small fish. If small fish, it means that there is basically no grass carp in this water layer. There is no action during fishing. You can throw a few handfuls of lees with your hands. I have encountered this situation several times. When there is no fish after waiting for a long time, a few handfuls of distiller’s lees will be a black drift, medium fish.

When floating fishing, drifting is inevitable. We just want it to go. If it is not drifting, it is not easy to catch some.

I’m going to mention here why I said that I would make a big fan-shaped nest before. Because of the wind direction and current, the drift is often divided into two aspects, A to B drift, B to A, remember one point, throw it up and let it drift. Moving down is to walk over our cloth nest, search for fish, and let the fish find the bait.

Regarding deep fishing and shallow fishing, I mentioned earlier that from shallow to deep, combined with years of fishing experience, there are several periods of time when grass carp will be active in a certain depth of water. A summary of three years of grass fishing in reservoirs. You can refer to it when fishing in the future:

        • At the beginning of the day, hit the middle level.
        • Fishing off the bottom at noon when the sun is strong.
        • 2 pm-5 pm, fishing for water skins, the water temperature is very high at this time.
        • Fishing off the bottom before dark, it may be time for the fish to eat.
        • Off-bottom is mainly used for night fishing.

Four, equipment fishing squad

Regarding fishing tackle, I actually don’t want to write about it, because when it comes to brands, it’s easy to think that I am trying to advertise for others. So here is a brief talk.

        • Rod:It is better to use a long pole, around 6.3. It doesn’t matter whether it is heavy or not, but it should be hard. I am small and weak.
        • Line:No. 3 main line 2.5 sub-line within 10 kg is not a problem, strength first is the most important, if the main line is injured, it must be replaced. The strands are tied on the spot, and the long strands and short strands can move the lead up and swing the long strands so that the grass carp can eat and catch the bait.
        •  Drift: After losing an expensive float, I finally found that the cheap and thick flat tail float still works well.

best time to fish

My friend ate all the grass carps for a day. I just caught two fish. They both dragged the rod into the water during lunch. So I remind everyone to remember to miss the rope and the sensitivity of fishing for big fish. Gadgets. To be an exaggeration, if you just tie a mineral water bottle, he can drag it.

You can use bait to adjust the bleaching. 

        • Hook: No. 12 or higher Izu has barbs. I like to use No. 12 Izu. I will use No. 16 when I specialize in 20 kg or more.

Notice:  99% of the grass carp’s mouth is black under any circumstances. After being stabbed, it will go to the middle as soon as possible, and walk straight to the middle. Remember to throw the pole in a tug-of-war situation. As long as the first hit is not a tug of war, no Running fish, this fish has an 80% success rate.