Novak fishing

Novak fishing – the trophy that any passionate fisherman wants in his record



Novak fishing – the trophy that any passionate fisherman  wants in his record


From time immemorial, fishing has been a basic activity in people’s lives, carried out for food purposes through specific tools, which have undergone an extensive process of modernization and adaptation.

Today, in addition to traditional fishing for food, fishing is also practiced for recreational or competitive sports, dedicated to enthusiasts in this field, being one of the most beloved and practiced hobbies worldwide.


This is due to the benefits of this activity, which involves a deep communion with nature, flora, and fauna of the place chosen for fishing, but also very few limits in everything that means practicing it. With a small budget and adequate equipment, any person, regardless of age, social status, or financial possibilities can quietly enjoy catching certain species of fish, depending on the place and techniques approached.

Compared to amateur fishermen, sport fishing enthusiasts, who want to participate in national or even international competitions, need a much more generous list of equipment, at the same time as the allocated budget.

Catching certain categories of fish is a great challenge for both amateur fishermen and sport fishermen, this category includes novaculite, a fish that can not be caught systematically through classic recipes, although various special baits have been tested.


Novak fishing – the main features of the species

Novaculite, also known as “noble silver carp” is a species of fish of medium size to the sea, which can reach the flowing waters of China, where it originates, to impressive sizes. over 80 kg.

On the Unites state territory, it was introduced in farms, ponds, ponds, and flowing rivers, most novices reaching an average weight of between 5 and 15 kg, with a fast growth rate and a lifespan that it can last up to 20 years. Spectacular catches exceeding 60 kg were also recorded, hence the increased interest in fishing for these fish.


Regarding the anatomy of the body that a Novak has, it is moderately elongated and compressed laterally, with small cycloid scales, presenting a large and thick head, but sharp, wide, and flattened dorsally, without the mustache, with an oblique upper mouth, and without teeth. The pharyngeal teeth are arranged in a single row, in groups of 4 on both sides, helping to grind the food.

Compared to blood, the Novak presents on the ventral side, which is more rounded, a hull between the ventral and anal fins, continuing to the caudal peduncle, all of which are longer than in the case of the first example. At the same time, its color is darker, easily distinguishable due to the gray back and silversides, with dark and irregular spots or large and brown transverse stripes. The white abdomen is another feature by which you can distinguish this species. The ventral and anal fins take on a yellow tint, the rest remaining gray.


The main food source of the Novak is the zooplankton, complete with blue algae, larvae, and insects, being a fish that is found in the upper part of the water in the warm season and that goes down the water when the temperatures drop.

Fishermen see a great challenge in catching these fish, because they are not attracted by the usual classic bait, and the possibility of catching a specimen with impressive dimensions can be considered a real trophy in the record.


Equipment needed for Novak fishing

Given that the fishing of novices can involve the capture of large specimens, the tool kit used must have a high degree of resistance, adapted to sudden movements and the force to which they will be subjected at the time of capture. Thus, the choice of quality equipment will be a major advantage in a fishing match and will make a difference between the practitioners of this sport or among the competitors. Any amateur fisherman who aims to catch a Novak must consider the following tools:


novak fishing


Rod for Novak fishing

Whether it is made of carbon, composite, or fiberglass, the most suitable rod is the one with a long size, consisting of two pieces, to successfully withstand the pressure exerted on it by the possible captured weight. Rods made up of several pieces can present risks of breakage, which is why stable equipment is recommended.


Novak fishing reel

The main feature of a reel is a high strength, so it is advisable to avoid poor quality materials, to the detriment of a metal body with a brake and a generous drum, on which a large amount of wire will be wound. The ideal sizes start from 6000-8000, reaching up to 14000.


Yarn for Novak fishing

The wires used for Novak fishing must be as rigid as possible and have the highest possible resistance to knot and abrasion, but also to bring the specimen caught in the hook as close to the shore or to avoid obstacles encountered in the water, the reason for which are indicated monofilament yarns, with a minimum thickness of 0.35-0.40 mm. It is recommended to purchase threads with dark pigments, in order to camouflage perfectly in the aquatic environment and not to attract the attention of fish.


Warnings/indicators for Novak fishing

Warning systems are used when fishing on the substrate because small fish can also be caught. The use of certain warnings/indicators such as baby bells, bells, swingers, hangers, or isotopes will be chosen depending on the distance at which you are fishing, as well as the time of fishing, day, or night.


Liar for Novak fishing

It is recommended to purchase a lie with a wide opening and a deep and solid net, which does not flex during the drill, and with a thickened handle for perfect rigidity, facilitating the safe capture of large novices.


Novak fishing techniques

Novak fishing depends very much on the outside and wind temperatures. When it is warm, the fish swims in the upper part of the water, being able to be seen on the surface even on its luster. As the weather cools, they retreat to the substrate, where they find a favorable climate.

For this reason, the best time for novice fishing is between April and May and the end of October. Not being lovers of low temperatures, novices become less active, so even harder to capture, but not impossible. Even in winter conditions, Novak fishing is feasible. Thus, the mounts will be chosen depending on the climate and the area selected for fishing, there are several possibilities in this regard.


Mounts for Novak fishing in spring or in the warm season

Starting with April, when the temperatures start to rise, the novices rise between the waters, reaching their surface, where they can be seen making spectacular jumps. The fishing technique used to catch the fish thus positioned involves raft mounts, which are of different types, such as:

sliding cork mount and lure, which requires a perfect balance between the two and a rubber stop that adjusts the depth of the water;
surface raft mount, which consists of using a transparent raft filled with water, so as not to attract the attention of fish, thus camouflaging itself in the aquatic environment;
The bomb-type mount with plastic bait is dedicated to Novak fishing between waters.
Mounts for Novak fishing in autumn or in the cold season
With the decrease of temperatures and the installation of novices on the substrate, mounts will be used that will descend on the bottom of the water, where the fish feed during this period. Substrate mounts can be with:

classic or sliding lures with a single hook recommended to be as thick as possible for resistance;
lead and bait, recommended for fishing on the river or in thick shore water;
Technoplankton – soluble tablet from which a fine powder is released with a role in creating a cloud that attracts fish.
Novak fishing techniques – lures and fishing lures

The lures and baits used to catch novices must be easy to spot by fish, which is why great emphasis will be placed on the elements of attraction.


Bait for Novak fishing

The preparation of bait with a fine granulation, which generates a cloud as wide as possible, ensures the success of catching most fish in this category. Its role is to integrate perfectly into the natural habitat of fish, through a process of imitation of the food they consume. The bait will be prepared depending on the type of fishing practiced, on the raft or on the substrate, and depending on the type of water in which it is fished, static, or flowing. Thus, the wetting is done differently and very carefully, so that the bait reaches the whole place in the targeted place, but to come off easily once it arrives there, to create the cloud effect.

In general, in Novak fishing, it is recommended to use a bait with a significant visual impact and a color that stands out. The main types of bait are generated by lures or tablets with techno plankton, Novak preferring sweet and garlic flavors.

Considering the fact that novices feed by absorbing and filtering food particles, it follows that the type of bait used does not play a major role in catching fish, they can be caught on the empty hook, often even accidentally. .

At the same time, the novices are attracted by the fine-grained cloud that bait can contain, with the help of which as many fish as possible can be brought to the hook.


Other information about Novak fishing

Any fisherman can practice this sport after preparing the appropriate equipment and accessories related to it, depending on the fishing techniques approached. An important step is the obtaining of the fishing permit in the natural fishing habitats, or the payment of the taxes requested for the private ponds depending on the quantity of fish allowed for own consumption, in accordance with the imposed regulation and with the legislation in force. In certain arranged areas, it is possible to impose the fishing based on catch and subsequent release, in order to maintain the number of specimens in the waters.

At the same time, in natural fish habitats, it is advisable to take into account the prohibition period imposed for fishing for commercial, sports, or family purposes, in order to protect living aquatic resources.


Therefore, regardless of the chosen method or the area in which this sport will be practiced, Novak fishing remains an experience appreciated by experienced fishermen, due to the increased degree of difficulty, starting from the monstrous dimensions that can reach the captured specimens, but also due to the process. hard to catch.


Any amateur fisherman definitely wants such a catch, which will turn him into a respected professional in this field.