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Novices learn to fish, have you mastered these fishing skills?

To catch a good fish, these basic fishing skills must be learned. Now I will share with you some fishing skills. After mastering it, I hope that all the fishing friends will catch the fish and protect them every day.
1. Don’t panic when the hook is hanging on the bottom
If the hook is hung at the bottom, don’t worry, but hold it steady, otherwise, the fishing line will be pulled hard, which may cause the line to break. If this happens, you can take a break, as long as there are fish in the nest. Small trash fish will eat and grab when they see food, and in many cases, they will automatically fall off the hook.
2. Choose a good spot to catch a big fish
In wild fishing, if you want to catch big fish and have a satisfactory catch, you have to choose a good fishing position. This sentence also makes sense for the three-point fishing technique and seven-point picking point. As long as you choose the right fishing spot, plus your usual fishing experience, the catch is still good. If only fishing skills are available, and the fishing position is not selected, the chance of catching fish will not be too high. Good fishing positions for fishing are generally “one gentle, two convex and three sharp corners, gentle slope means gentle slope, convex means the protruding part of the shore, and sharp point means the sharp point. These are good for fishing. Fishing position.
3. Countermeasures to prevent small fish from making nests
1. About three meters away from the fishing spot, hit a nest with fishy bait, and then lure the small trash fish aside.
2. Increase the weight of the lead sinker so that the bait can reach the bottom quickly, and the small trash fish will have no time to grab food.3. Abandon the nest and re-arrange another nest.
4. How to fish nests for carp in deep reservoirs in wild fishing water
The water depth of the reservoir is very deep. If it is too deep, it is not suitable for fishing. You must find out the terrain before fishing. It is more suitable to choose a water depth of about three meters for fishing in the reservoir. You must also understand before making a nest attract fish. The reservoir is not feed feeding. Choose the nest material according to the feeding situation, and the bait should be lighter, mainly with the best grain flavor.
5. How to use bait for wild fishing for carp and grass carp
Generally, there are fewer fish in the river. If you want to catch more fish, making nests is a very important step. Fishing for carp and grass carp is mainly based on foodstuffs. Like tender corn, buy a few sweet corns in the supermarket, set aside the corn kernels, put them in a container, add wine over the corn kernels, add the appropriate amount of medicine and honey, mix well, and store in a cool and dry place sealed for four or five days It can be used, the effect of lure carp and grass carp is very good.

Tips for carp fishing on the heat wave.

When temperatures begin to exceed 30 degrees Celsius, large carps begin to feed better at night than during the day, and during the day the most active are the woodpeckers. 

 To avoid small fish, during this period, the distance between the bait and the hook should be longer, up to 3-5 cm. I prefer the snowman mounts, consisting of hard boilies of 20 and a pop-up of 15 mm brightly colored (fluorescent), and the one that gave me the best performance over time turned out to be Pineapple & Banana from Dynamite Baits. 

 In the case of the snowman, I usually use a soft, unlined textile thread, which has a soft braid texture, and its colors will easily lose in the water. 

 In terms of hooks, my choice is Wide Gape, without guiding varnish, with a nuance of 7-8 turns. Boilie Beak Point, as its name suggests, is a hook that is suitable for fishing for boilies, but it works very well with other types of floating or non-floating baits. This model is also ideal for snowman mounting. 


 The hot water in the ponds gives both boilies and pop-ups the tendency to soften and there is a risk that when they are absorbed by a carp, they will be pulled by the hair without a hook. To avoid this unpleasant situation, it is advisable to use mushroom-type stoppers to prevent this. Thread stretched!