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In early spring in March, the temperature in the morning and evening is still relatively cold, so the departure time is not suitable for too early, fishing after 8 o’clock in the morning is the most suitable. If it is too early, the water temperature is still a bit low, and the fish’s swimming range is relatively small, and it is not easy to catch the bait.

Mid spring in April is the “golden season” for fishing. You can go fishing in any weather, the best one is on a cloudy day. From 6 to 10 in the morning, because the temperature is still relatively low, it is suitable for fishing in the morning sun. After 10 o’clock, the water temperature slowly rises, which is suitable for hooking in the shade. In this short period of time, there are a few days for the fish to lay eggs, so it is not easy to catch the bait. But after spawning, the fish will be especially greedy, so the bait rate is high.

Late spring in early May is also a good time for fishing, and rainy days will be very suitable for hooking. The suitable time period is very suitable. If you have enough time, you can also fish from early to late.



Early summer is also a good season for fishing. The temperature during this time is also very suitable, and it is also a time when fish love to forage. However, the water temperature will be higher at noon, and the fish will swim to the deep water to enjoy the cool. The temperature is more comfortable in the morning and evening, so the fish will hunt for food in the aquatic area and the shore.

The best time to fish in midsummer is between 3 pm and 8 pm.


In early autumn of September, the weather is comfortable in the morning and evening. The best time for fishing is from 6 am to 9 am. After 9 pm, the water temperature rises and the fish will swim to the shade. So we can hook in the shade.

Mid-Autumn Festival in October, the climate is also very comfortable, so you can go fishing all day. It is best to catch Chaoyang from 6 am to 11 am. From 11 o’clock to 6 o’clock in the afternoon, you can hook in the shade.

In late autumn in November, you can fish from 7 am to 5 pm.


From mid-November to early winter, the weather changes a lot. The weather is good and sometimes bad, so we choose to go fishing when the weather is better. On a sunny day, from 10 am to 3 pm, you can hook in the sun.

In the twelfth lunar month of winter, the weather becomes cold, so the water temperature will also become lower, and the fish will shelter from the cold in the deep water. This is suitable for us to choose deep water hook.

Silver carp fishing: Because of the different living habits of silver carp, basically, the fishing temperature should be above 25 degrees and below 35 degrees. If the temperature is between this temperature, the fishing effect is very good. Normally, the fishing time for silver carp is From 9 o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it is the prime time for fishing. If the temperature exceeds 35 degrees at night, midnight is the prime time for silver carp fishing. Some fishermen will fish by hand poles in the latter half of the night. The way, you can catch dozens of pounds in one night, or even hundreds of pounds!


Fishing for carp. The carp is timid by nature, and the time when the big carp is fished is often in some summers when the temperature is low, such as early morning or evening, even when the big fish is the most, it is two or three o’clock in the evening. You have appeared inadvertently. In the phenomenon of black floating, the fish in the rod is lifted. The bigger the carp, the more cautious. They tend to bite the bait in a very quiet situation, and then sink to the bottom. Sometimes the float just sinks slowly, and it feels like it’s hanging on the bottom.


Conclusions: The eating habits of each fish are different. When the specific day is best to fish depends on the type of fish. For example, catch some demersal fish, such as crucian carp, carp, etc., from 11 noon to 4 in the afternoon. It’s actually not easy to catch between points, but for silver carp, it’s very good during this period of time. As qualified fishermen, we have to choose the right type of fishing at the right time.