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3 kinds of fishing group matching experience suitable for throwing rod fishing method


The fishing method is the choice of many wild fishing leisure enthusiasts. Find a reservoir or lake with beautiful mountains and rivers, set up three or two fishing rods, boast the cool breeze under the shade of the trees, and have a pot of tea for a drink. It is simply beautiful. Leisurely. Generally, fishing friends who play with fishing rods will choose their own habit or familiar hook sets and fishing methods for wild fishing. Fish species, this is not particularly clear to most fishermen. Now I will briefly introduce the characteristics and functions of the three mainstream hook groups: water monsters, explosive hooks, and string hooks in the fishing method.


1. Throwing rod-water monster hook group

Everyone is familiar with the water monster hook group. It is generally used in wild fishing for silver carp and bighead carp in large waters. In fact, the water monster hook set can not only be used for wild fishing of silver carp and bighead carp. As long as the fish species in the upper layer of the water can use the water monster hook set for fishing. The water monster hook group was invented based on the characteristics of floating fish. Floating fish are generally filtered fish. They drink water into their mouths and then use fish gills to filter out the particles and microorganisms in the water to achieve the purpose of eating. The water monster hook group generally does not use too many throwing rods. Because it will float with the current and it is easy to entangle each other, so we usually play 1 or 2 throwing rods, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by entanglement.


2. Throwing rod-explosive hook

Explosive hooks have more applications than water monster hook sets and string hook sets. Because explosive hook sets are mainly for bottom fish species in waters. In wild waters, bottom fish species are mostly large-sized fish species, such as fishing herring, For carp fishing, grass carp fishing, etc., explosive hook sets are generally used for wild fishing of large fish species. When we use the explosive hook set, the coverage must be wide, because the bait of the explosive hook is not as high and wide as the atomization of the monster bait, so we can only reach the bottom of the nest by over the large wild fishing area and multiple throws. Purpose. The large area is because there is too much movement when the explosive hook throws and walks the fish. In order to keep the fish in the nest and expand the scope of the lure, our throwing area must be large.


3. Throwing rod-string hook-String

Hooks are generally used for wild fishing across water layers. In summer, many bottom fish species will float and move in the water layer. Because of its long hook distance, the string hook can reach cross-water fishing. In wild waters, many fish species are also bottom and middle. Type fish species, so if the explosive hook is invalid, there may be unexpected gains by changing to the string hook. Compared with the other two hook sets, the string hook has the disadvantage that the fish attracting effect is very poor, basically, there is no. Therefore, before we use the string hook for wild fishing, we must make a nest or use the explosive hook to throw it several times. Then change the string hook for fishing.
The above is the three hook groups of water monsters, explosive hooks, and string hooks that I have introduced to you. In fact, there is no best fishing method, only the hook set that is most suitable for your fishing waters and fish conditions.