best time to fish

When is the best time to fish?

There is a common saying among anglers called “fishing in the sun early, and catching the chickens in the cage late”. This is a summary of the fishing season of spring and summer by the predecessors of fishing. So what kind of fishing mystery does this sentence contain?  Which explains the best fishing time of the day.


Advantages of fishing morning and evening

First of all, we need to figure out a little bit, why is it good to fish sooner or later? The main reasons are the following six points:


1.  In the morning, the fish mouth is vigorous

In the morning, everything recovers. Many small fish and shrimps will come close to the shore for food, and some big fish will also come close to the shore to prey on some small fish, shrimps, and some plankton around. So in the morning, Whether it is a big fish or a small fish, their foraging desire is very strong, and the fish mouth is very good, so if you fish in the morning, you will have a good catch.

At noon, due to the direct sunlight, the dissolved oxygen in the water is low, and the fish’s desire to forage is reduced, and they become less open, so five or six in the morning is the first time period for fishing.


best time to fish


2. There are few trash fish in the nest in the evening

 After dark, the small fish basically stopped foraging. In order to prevent the big fish from eating them, they found their own fish dens to hide. At this time, the big fish began to come out for food, so we went fishing. The situation of encountering small trash fish nests is less than usual, so six to eight in the evening is our second time period for fishing.


3. The temperature is appropriate in the morning and evening, and the fish is in shallow water

In the morning and evening, the temperature of the water is very suitable. The fish are easier to open at this time. Since most of us are fishing with poles, the fishing position is basically on the shore, the water is relatively shallow, and the temperature in the morning and evening is relatively low. At this time, it will swim to the shore for food.

At noon, due to the sun’s rays and the high temperature of the shallow water, the fish swim to the deep water. We can’t fish that far and deep with a hand pole. Therefore, at noon, most people can’t catch any fish.


4. Sooner or later is the foraging time period for middle and lower fish

 We usually fish for some middle-lower fish such as crucian carp, carp, grass, bream, etc. In fact, their foraging time is in the morning and evening, such as from 5 to 9 in the morning, and from 6 to 8 in the evening. These two time periods are the unified foraging time of these middle and lower fish.


5. The temperature is high at noon, the fish’s desire to forage is reduced

At noon, the sun is big, the temperature is high, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is low, and the fish’s desire to forage is low. If you fish at noon, not only the angler will not be able to bear it, but also the fish mouth is not good, so it is not suitable for fishing in the big sun at noon.


Two, morning and evening fishing nest material, making nest preparations

Since we choose to go fishing sooner or later, what preparations do we need to do?


1. Preparation of night fishing nest material

When we fish at night, the taste of bait is mainly fishy. We don’t use fishy bait during the day. It is not because fishy bait is not effective in attracting fish, but because the fishy bait is used during the day to prevent small fish nesting. Therefore, some natural baits are generally used during the day.


best time to fish


But after the evening, the small trash fish rushed into the nest to avoid the predation of the big fish, so we use fishy bait at this time, and do not worry that the small trash fish will make a nest.

If you fish for a long time at night, at least 60% of the natural bait should be included in the nest material, which will keep the fish for a long time. For example, about 40% of chicken feed or some powdered pellets can be placed in the nest material, and then some non-atomized nest materials can be placed into it. If we use all atomized nest materials, then it is possible that after one night, the nest materials will be eaten up early, so that we will not have the ability to retain fish for a long time.

In addition, when fishing at night, you must be safe first, try to go in groups as much as possible, and be prepared to prevent mosquitoes and snakes.


2. Morning fishing can be done overnight

 In order to catch more fish, we can make nests from 9 to 10 in the evening on the first day of morning fishing, and then go fishing the next morning.

Our fishing time in the morning is generally from five to six o’clock. At this time, you only need to make up a little bit of nest material for fishing, and there will be a lot of fish in this fishing spot.


It is common for people who fall in love with fishing to get up early and go to the dark. The group of people who “get up earlier than chickens and sleep later than dogs” is a vivid description of the life of anglers. As anglers, they have a deep understanding of this. I have felt this way because I often do this.

Sometimes, in order to catch up with the fish in the morning when the fish is actively foraging, it is common to get up at three or four in the morning and start off, and sometimes it is interesting. It is also common to engage in overnight fishing.


The morning fishing sun red refers to the period from the day when the sun is just bright at five o’clock in the morning to the time when the sun rises and there is no heat, which is about two hours from five to seven o’clock; and late fishing for chickens. Cage, this sentence means that when it is getting dark in the evening, this time when the domestic chickens in the countryside are returned to the cage to rest is also an excellent fishing time.

The time period from 6 or 7 in the evening to 8 or 9 in the evening is the one that catches fish at night. Small climax, sometimes, in order to pursue a better fishing experience, many anglers simply go fishing from the evening to eight or nine o’clock the next day. It can be seen from the above that if you do not consider other factors, the most suitable time of day for fishing is morning and evening.

However, as an outdoor activity, fishing is affected by other related factors such as weather, fishing spots, bait, etc. It seems that a simple activity has become complicated. As a fishing enthusiast, if you want to catch a good fish, you can only find a set of experiences and methods that suit you through continuous practice. There is no law in fishing. This is probably the reason!


There is no law of fishing. When we fish, we must be based on the water conditions and fish conditions at the time of fishing, combined with the time, weather, and temperature of the fishing. See you next time!