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Yellow bonefish is difficult to catch? Pay attention to these three points-

Friends who like fishing must be very familiar with yellow bonefish. They usually hide at the bottom of the lake during the day and only go to the water to forage at night. Everyone knows some basic techniques. For example, it is best to choose a hook without a barb. This can prevent the yellow bonefish from struggling because it doesn’t have much pain when it is hooked. There is also a yellow bonefish that struggles very quietly, so the toughness of the hanging net must be good. When it is struggling and has no strength, the net can be removed to avoid scratches.                                                                                              

Everyone knows these common skills, and then I won’t talk nonsense, and I will share some dry goods with you directly. Welcome all fishing friends to discuss and guide together. There are three skills:

      1. The first point

        is to choose the right time to hook. Yellow bonefish are very afraid of the light. Some fishermen say that fishing for this fish is only good when it is rainy. But I have a different view. At that time, the temperature was not very high that day, just like the weather in the spring of March and April, then we can go out fishing. Of course, if you have enough time, you can also choose to go fishing at night. The effect should be much better than during the day.

The second point

is to choose a messy place to hook. In order to catch a yellow bonefish, we must first understand its living habits, what to fear and what to like, and like to live at the bottom of the lake. When we choose a fishing position, First of all, give up those areas with strong light and then choose those places where there are cluttered water and weeds or where there are more stones. Of course, sometimes yellow bonefish will go to some shallow places to eat some plankton, and sometimes they can get two if they are lucky.

The third point

is that the bait does not need to be too complicated. Although many fishermen have said to the knife that fishing for yellow bonefish does not require a nest, the knife has a stubborn temper. I like to mention cloth nests, but generally, the nest materials are not too complicated. Knives generally like to make nests with things that have a relatively strong smell, such as pig liver, snail meat, and some animal internal organs. Fishing bait knives are similar to everyone. , I will use dried shrimps and wheatears, and earthworms are sometimes used, but I will choose the green one.


If it doesn’t work, then we can only choose some dumb methods. Bring more fishing rods. If there are more fishing rods, the yellow bonefish has a greater chance of hooking. This kind of fish eats bait more fiercely, and once it bites the hook, it rarely happens. If you have a chance to escape, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to finish it.


The worst case is to be swallowed. If you have seniors who have better skills and experience, please leave a message below and discuss it with everyone.